Astus UK is the biggest media barter company in the UK. Founded under the values of accountability, transparency and integrity, we give clients the means to create or bolster media budgets using their products or services. Essentially, we trade goods and services with media owners in exchange for their media space. We then trade this media with our clients who pay us partly in cash and partly in their own goods or services.

Our expertise in product remarketing is second to none.


Astus pioneered the way media barter is done in the UK. We created the risk-free trading model meaning clients don’t pay us their products until the campaign has run.

A vital factor in the success of any media barter deal is what we do with the product or service. We work in partnership with our clients to find the best route for their product. By focusing on delivery our repeat business tops 95%.

Whatever industry you work in, the chances are that we have some experience.

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Astus Friends & Family Club is an invitation only, closed buying network where some bartered products are re-sold. It features discounted offers on everything from hotel rooms and show tickets to money off vouchers and electrical goods.

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